Smoke Tail Lens Spray

– smoke lens spray
– available in two sizes


VAN3400 high gloss smoke tail spray -130ml
VAN0062 high gloss smoke tail spray -210ml

Light Smoke Tail Lens Spray

– elegance color, light smoke lens spray


VAN0011 light smoke lens spray -130ml

Color Lens Spray

– 110ml Size
– available in blue, yellow, and orange


VAN0012 orange lens spray -110ml
VAN0013 yellow lens spray -110ml
VAN0019 lens blue – european blue -110ml

Red Tail Lens Spray

– red lens spray
– available in two sizes


VAN3100 high gloss red tail spray -130ml
VAN0061 high gloss red tail spray -210ml


– pastel lens spray
– available in pink or blue


VAN0020 pastel blue lamp spray -110ml
VAN0021 pastel pink lamp spray -110ml

Blue Mirror Spray

– for outside rearview mirror


VAN0029 blue mirror spray -110ml

Lens Shine (Clear Coat Paint)

– for restoring gloss to faded dull lenses
– use on headlamps and tail lamps


VAN0022 lens shine clear coat paint -110ml

Mekki Paint

– for use on chrome plated surfaces
– available in black chrome or gold


VAN0027 black chrome, for chrome plated surface-130ml
VAN0028 gold, for chrome plated surface-130ml

Emblem Color Pen

– paint pen for emblems and other small details
– available in black or red


VAN0074 emblem color pen – black
VAN0075 emblem color pen – red

Chrome Finish Wheel Paint

– for creating a chrome plated appearance


VAN2580 gin mekki shine , chrome-170ml

Alloy Wheel Paint

– for restoring original factory appearance to alloy wheels


VAN3500 white silver-168ml

Stainless Finish Wheel Paint

– stainless finish appearance
– can be applied to most materials
– does not need base coat or primer


VAN6500 stainless finish appearance -168ml


Features & Benefits:
– provides a larger field of view compared to stock mirrors
– low distortion high precision chrome glass
– chrome reflectivity is about half that of aluminum and reduces glare
– no double images from surface coating
– anti-scattering protection in case of breakage
– mounts easily to most rear view mirrors*, no tools required
– reduces blind spots
* fits most stock mirrors with a height between 55-80mm


VAN0017 for use on color bulbs-105ml

Brake Caliper Paint

– heat resistant
– improves appearance
– made in Japan


AUGA100 (B93) red brake caliper spray-80ml
AUGA101 yellow brake caliper spray-70ml
AUGA103 white brake caliper spray-70ml

Lamp Color Bulb Spray

– high gloss paint for small bulbs
– available in a variety of colors


VAN3210 lamp color bulb spray – blue
VAN3220 lamp color bulb spray – orange
VAN3230 lamp color bulb spray – yellow
VAN3240 lamp color bulb spray – green
VAN3260 lamp color bulb spray – red
VAN3270 lamp color bulb spray – violet
VAN3280 lamp color bulb spray – pink