Glare • Carall

– Gel type air freshener
– Adhesive pad
– Made in
– 60 ml


CARA283 eg forest – purple
CARA284 gv squash – blue
CARA285 ck fresh – silver
CARA332 squash marine – blue
CARA333 blue marine – blue
CARA359 unisex – white
CARA360 squash – silver
CARA412 pure squash – blue
CAR1075 fine squash – black
CAR1077 water squash – silver
CAR1590 platinum shower – blue
CAR3085 spark squash – blue
CAR3086 deep squash – blue

Master Aroma • Carall

– includes 2 vent mount air fresheners
– mounts securely with included adhesive pad
– made in Japan


CAR1858 platinum shower – pink
CAR1859 squash – blue
CAR1860 mellow sweet – purple
CAR1861 white musk – gold

Cue Deodorant AF • Carall

– clean fresh scents
– fits auto cupholders
– mounts securely with included adhesive pad
– made in Japan


CAR3102 aqua shower – pink
CAR3103 silky breeze – orange
CAR3104 healing citrus – green
CAR3105 squash – green
CAR3106 platinum shower – blue
CAR3107 happiness shampoo – purple
CAR3108 white musk – black

Cue Air Clip • Carall

– includes 2 vent mount air fresheners
– easy clip-on design
– made in Japan


CAR3095 aqua shower – pink
CAR3096 silky breeze – orange
CAR3097 squash – green
CAR3098 platinum shower – blue
CAR3099 white musk – smoke
CAR3100 healing citrus – green
CAR3101 happiness shampoo – purple

CAR3033 aqua shower (refill)
CAR3034 silky breeze (refill)
CAR3035 squash (refill)
CAR1446 platinum shower (refill)
CAR3083 healing citrus (refill)
CAR3084 happiness shampoo (refill)

Cue Clip • Carall (Discontinued)

– fresh scent
– versatile clip-on design
– made in Japan


CAR1437 pinky musk – pink
CAR1438 tropical fine – orange
CAR1439 shiny berry – yellow
CAR1440 fresh green – green
CAR1441 platinum shower – blue
CAR1637 pinky musk – pink
CAR1638 aqua squash – blue
CAR1639 platinum shower – purple

CAR1442 pinky musk (refill)
CAR1446 platinum shower (refill)
CAR1640 aqua squash refill)

Cue Pure Clip • Carall

– fresh scent
– versatile clip-on design
– made in Japan


CAR1932 sweet shower – pink
CAR1933 platinum shower – light blue
CAR1934 white musk – white

CAR1935 sweet shower (refill)
CAR1446 platinum shower (refill)

Cue Air Clip Refills • Carall

– includes 2 refills
– for all Cue Clip air fresheners
– made in Japan


CAR1442 Pinky Musk
CAR1446 Platinum Shower
CAR1640 Aqua Squash
CAR1935 Sweet Shower
CAR3033 Aqua Shower
CAR3034 Silky Breeze
CAR3035 Squash
CAR3083 Healing Citrus
CAR3084 Happiness Shampoo

Extra Large 800g• Carall

– choice of 2 squash fragrances
– absorbs cigarette odor
– extra large size for rooms, cars, RV’s, etc
– made in Japan


CAR1488 clear squash
CAR1880 squash

Gallet Ardito • Carall

– choice of 3 popular fragrances
– versatile dash mount design
– open/closed switch
– refills available
– made in Japan


CAR3135 platinum shower – pink
CAR3136 rich bloom – white
CAR3137 squash marine – light blue

CAR1416 platinum shower (refill)
CAR3133 rich bloom (refill)
CAR3134 squash marine (refill)

Naturi • Carall

– perfume bottle air freshener
– made in Japan


CAR3056 geranium & lemon
CAR3057 mint & eucalyptus
CAR3058 lavender & orange

Raxus Eau de Parfum • Carall

– available in fashionable colors & fragrances
– double sided adhesive
– made in Japan
– 60ml


CAR1862 pinky musk – pink
CAR1863 platinum shower – peach
CAR1864 squash marine – green
CAR1865 white musk – blue

Rocos • Carall

– freshens the air
– double sided adhesive
– made in Japan


CAR1743 platinum shower – light pink
CAR1744 grapefruit light – yellow
CAR1745 squash light – blue
CAR1746 sexy rich light – purple

Dolly Kiss • Carall

– available in different colors & assorted fragrances
– double sided adhesive pad for dash mounting
– made in Japan


CAR1626 floral sexy – pink
CAR1627 white musk – burgundy
CAR1628 squash – white